In launching our business, we wanted a logo that told our story and what we feel we do through our work with clients.  For a financial planning company that is admittedly a challenge. Luckily, our design has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews so far and that has been incredibly rewarding to hear and experience.  There is more depth and meaning to the design than meets the eye initially and I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight why this logo is so meaningful to us.

First, this logo would not exist without one of our talented clients, Nick Colville.  Nick did all of the design work and we are incredibly grateful for what he created for us.  He was the first to hear this story and bring it to life.

The logo is of a buffalo which many think represents the city of Buffalo, NY where our firm is located. We do have a great deal of pride in our city and our sports teams, but our Buffalo roots are more of a perfect coincidence.  The real story has to do with buffalo, the animal, living in the Great Plains area of the US, but more on that in a bit.

If you check out the forehead of the buffalo, you’ll notice that the forehead area is actually the letter “C”.  This letter represents the C in Complete as well as the last name of my partner Joe Chappius. Looking a little bit lower you can notice that the nose and mouth of the buffalo are made by the letter “W”.  This represents myself and also the Wealth in our company name. The last little nuance is that the nose and middle of the “W” itself is actually a feather. This was a cool addition for me because it represents my Native American heritage and that Complete Wealth is a minority owned business.  

Back to the buffalo itself and the reason we picked that.  I heard a story once about the behavior of both the buffalo and cow that live in the Great Plains that has always stuck with me.  Animals have always had a keen sense of the weather and react based on what they are sensing. In that area of the country, storms build over the Rocky Mountains and you can see the storm clouds clear the mountains and head directly for the Great Plains.  The cow and buffalo have very different reactions though. The cow sees the storm coming and they turn east and try to run away from the storm. Only problem, they aren’t so fast so they actually spend more time in the storm by trying to get away than if they just stood still!  The buffalo do the opposite, they turn west and charge directly into the coming storm. By doing so, they reduce the time they spend in it.

This is why our logo is a head-on buffalo, it is charging into the storm.  I obviously am biased, but there are countless parallels in that story between life and money.  We all can think about times when we have been the cow and when we have been the buffalo in our own lives.  The key point is that we all have both of them inside of us and we get to choose which one we are. The more often you are the buffalo, typically the more success you will find.  

Forget money, investments, insurance, financial planning and any other jargon we could throw at you about what we do.  When you boil it down to the simplest form, that’s what Complete Wealth helps you do…be the buffalo.

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