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We believe financial planning, when done right, is ultimately about life planning.

It is an ongoing experience to transform what you have today into what you want tomorrow. It begins by exploring your relationship with money as it currently stands, your successes and failures. You share with someone, maybe for the first time, all the dreams you hope are possible. We will help you narrow a million ideas into the meaningful few. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so in your heart what must you have, do, or be to experience freedom today? This is what creates an inspiring vision that you have to pursue. But then, quite naturally, you picture all of the reasons it won’t work. Obstacles are a normal part of any journey. It is how you respond to them that counts and we will make sure you are prepared when they appear. With your vision set and obstacles addressed, we can help you build a financial plan to turn your hard-earned resources into a life of Complete Wealth. We realize life doesn’t stand still, so when life changes we will be right there with you to make sure your plan changes right along with it. This is real financial planning.

Real financial planning is the path to Complete Wealth. 

Services & Prices

Hourly-Based Planning

Ideal for someone who would like a financial plan built for them or wants advice regarding a specific financial issue, but are not interested in ongoing advice

$250 per hour

  • A one-time financial planning project
  • Includes 1-2 meetings with planner, depending on complexity
  • Client will receive a written version of financial planning recommendations based on the scope and goal of the project 

The “Complete Wealth” Service

Perfect for someone looking for ongoing advice and a partner invested in your success.

Minimum quarterly fee of $600

  • An ongoing comprehensive life, vision, and financial planning service
  • 3+ initial meetings uniquely designed to understand the purpose of money in your life, define life goals, address potential obstacles, and create your financial life plan
  • 3 scheduled meetings throughout the year with your planner
  • Ongoing access to a digital version of your financial plan
  • Monthly service calendar
  • Additional meetings with your planner as often as desired
  • Investment management included in fee

Investment Management

You’ve built a plan, now let’s get your money working for you.

0.50% of Assets Under Management (AUM)

  • In real dollars, this means that if we are managing $100,000 our fee would be $500 annually ($100,000 x 0.50%)
  • Billed quarterly

Clearly See Your Complete Wealth

You’re successful. But maybe you feel unfulfilled. Your professional and financial success may not always lead into personal fulfillment. That is until you get serious about transforming your money into meaningful actions and experiences. Only then can you begin to enjoy Complete Wealth. And that process begins here. 

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